Meet the inmates of ‘Raju Gari Gadhi 2’

Meet the inmates of ‘Raju Gari Gadhi 2’

When Ohmkar made Raju Gari Gadhi two years ago, it was a small film which went on to become a surprise hit. but with its sequel, Raju Gari Gadhi 2, the director has the challenge of living up to the expectations that come with a stellar star cast, including the likes of Nagarjuna and Samantha. Ohmkar seems undaunted though. “I have full confidence in the film; we will surely live up the to audience’s expectations,” he says.

Giving us a sneak peek into the characters that drive the story, Ohmkar says, “There are many characters in Raju Gari Gadhi 2, but the most important one is that of Samantha. The story revolves around her. She plays an aatma, a soul, who’s out avenge a great injustice that’s done to her. How she exacts revenge and on whom is the point of the film. Her character is the heart of the story.”

Talking about Nagarjuna’s role in the film, Ohmkar says, “Nag sir plays a mentalist — someone who can look into the eyes of people and figure out what’s in their heart. This is the first time someone is essaying the role of a mentalist in Telugu cinema. He’s the one who unravels the aatma’s backstory. Nag sir poured life into the character.”

The glamourous Seerat Kapoor’s presence has been much talked about ever since the promos of the film went on air. However, there’s more to Seerat’s role than just ‘glamour quotient’, assures the filmmaker. “In fact, Seerat drives the first half of the film; her role is key to the plot. She has important scenes with Nag in the second half too and has a lot more to do than just look pretty.” Ashwin, Vennela Kishore, Shakalaka Shankar and Naresh bring in the much-needed laughs in the otherwise intense tale. “Kishore, Ashwin and Pravin play friends. their comic timing is stupendous and the scenes involving them are hilarious. They’re everything the audience would want. There’s a mirror scene involving Shakalaka Shankar in the movie; the scene came out so well, it’ll be a memorable one,” says the director.

The backbone of the film however, are the his ‘pancha pandavulu’ — the crew who worked behind the scenes, says Ohmkar. “Be it dialogue writer Abburi Ravi, DOP Divakaran, Art Director AS Prakash, Editor Madhu or music director Thaman — they are the reason the film has turned out the way it has. For me, they’re the ‘pancha pandavulu’ who provided me with immense support, and helped translate my vision on screen,” he adds.

Singling out Thaman for special praise, Ohmkar says, “The movie has only one song, but Thaman’s background score is quintessential to the narrative. Though it is a horror comedy, it has elements of a family drama too. So we required a musician who could produce music that suits both genres. Thaman was the perfect fit! anyone who watches the film will be blown by his work. I think

towards the climax, the audience be moved to tears.” Jointly produced by PVP Cinema, Matinee Entertainment and OAK Entertainments, Raju Gari Gadhi 2 releases today.