Scary! What if your WhatsApp message is no longer private?

Scary! What if your WhatsApp message is no longer private?

You probably know this is the era of social media. You also would also know that hackers are constantly trying to steal your data to filch your money and private information. But what you probably do not know is that there is a clear and present danger of your daily messages being read by others. Almost everyone across the globe is using social media apps to an extreme level. A few of the reasons for using social media apps would be their flexibility in connecting with family and friends and their available to everyone for free. and most importantly for its privacy. But what happens when you come to know that WhatsApp, which the most popular messaging application all over the world, has decided to bring a feature which no longer is private.

With the news being circulated, it has been revealed that the app’s parent Facebook has decided to bring advertisement feature in WhatsApp in order to make profits from the platform. Now, why you should worry about this upcoming feature? Let’s find out. As per the Deccan Chronicle, it needs to be noted that, Facebook is also developing an analytics system that will let advertisers gather data from their expenditures and refine the content accordingly.

Which means that the advertisers will be able to scan the chats and collect the data of the application user and use those data to study about the consumer behavior individually. That is surely, scary! Therefore, you will see ads according to the topics you chat on WhatsApp and over the period of time, the advertisement will become more specific to what you talk about frequently on chats. Hence, on the basis of that the individual will receive the advertisement.

Who knows what else the information in your chats will be used for.

Reportedly it is said that, the main reason behind WhatsApp co-founders Brian Acton and Jan Koum exit, was because Facebook has been looking to earn profits from the platform.  Originally WhatsApp is considered to be an ad-free messenger platform. WhatsApp being the most highly downloaded messaging apps in the universe is been targeted to reach the audience.

Recently, WhatsApp has expanded its footprint by launching features like Business app, forwarding message, group video calling, etc. It was also known, that WhatsApp may soon bring in stories feature on its engine just like Snapchat and Instagram.

Source:- zeebiz