Use BHIM and Get a Chance to Win Free Rail Ticket

Use BHIM and Get a Chance to Win Free Rail Ticket

BHIM app would give another chance to win a reward. The Indian railway is giving free rail ticket to the users who pay using the BHIM or UPI apps. It is a lucky draw scheme and only 5 users would get the free ticket in a month. The railway has intoduced this scheme since 1 October 2017.

You may know that Government of India is also running BHIM referral and cashback scheme for users and merchants. These scheme also rewards you for the promotion of BHIM.

The BHIM is Payment app for Android and iOS platform based on UPI Payment system. Using this app, you can easily send money to another person without knowing the account number of Payee. BHIM uses your mobile number, Virtual ID and Aadhaar number to pay money instead of the account number. It is a free service.

How Would You Get Free Rail Ticket

  • You must pay using BHIM or UPI to pay for the rail ticket.
  • The lucky winners would get back all the money paid to buy a ticket. There can be up to 6 travelers in a ticket.
  • Every month 5 tickets would be selected for the Refund. So your journey would become free.
  • This scheme has started since 1 Oct 2017.
  • The scheme would run for 6 months that is until 31 March 2018.

Eligibility for Free Ticket

  • The number one eligibility for this scheme is payment through the BHIM or other UPI apps. There are many UPI apps such as Google Tez, Phonepe, SBI Pay, iMobile etc.
  • You must travel between 1/10/17 and  31/03/2018. The ticket should be also booked within these dates.
  • The canceled ticket would not participate in the lucky draw.
  • The customer should use to book the ticket. The ticket booked through other website or app would not be eligible. http://bhim

Announcement of Winner

  • The railway would announce monthly winners.
  • The computer would choose the 5 lucky PNRs.
  • The selection of PNR would be random.
  • The lucky winner would get back full refund of the ticket.
  • The money would be deposited in the same account from which It was paid.
  • The railway would announce the winners of a month in the first week of the next month.
  • The name of the winner would be displayed on IRCTC website.
  • The winner would also get information through the email and mobile.

Terms and Conditions

  1.  Cancelled and TDR filed PNRs will not be eligible for the Lucky Draw scheme.
  2. In case more than one PNR of same user gets selected then only one PNR of the user will
    be considered for the Lucky Draw.
  3. One user will get only One Prize. However the same user will be eligible for Lucky Draw
    in any other following month.



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